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Walk 'n' Roll

Only one more week of school and one more chance to walk, bike, or scoot with your friends on Walk 'n' Roll Wednesday!
Plus, bonus raffle prizes and a little thank you party afterwards in front of school for parents who volunteered, walked or rode along, or are just interested in talking about our Walk 'n' Roll programs.
Meet us Wednesday, June 7 at 8am at US Bank or the Ballona Creek Bridge; we start walking and rolling at 8:15.
What: Walk 'n' Roll Wednesday
When: Wednesday, June 7; meet at 8am, leave for school at 8:15am.
Where: US Bank at Sepulveda/Sawtelle or the Ballona Creek Bridge on Sawtelle
We'll see you back this Fall -- thanks for walking with us!
As always, questions, suggestions, or concerns are welcome. Please contact Tom Murray (tom <dot> murray <at> elmarinopta <dot> org).

New! El Marino Walking School Bus!

It's here! Starting March 2, El Marino has a Walking School Bus, so you don't have to wait a whole month for Walk 'n' Roll Wednesday to walk to school with your friends.
Every Thursday, we'll have 4 routes running through neighborhoods around El Marino. There are plenty of places to park and join us along the way, too, if you don't live in those areas! See the map below for current routes, their starting points, and stops along the way. A flyer will be coming home early next week (of Feb 27) listing the schedule for each stop.
What's a Walking School Bus?
  • A Walking School Bus is a safe and fun way for children to get physical activity as they travel to and from school with adult supervision.
  • Each “bus” walks along a set route with one or more adults leading it, picking children up at designated stops along a predetermined route and walking them to school.
  • Younger children should be accompanied by their parents, but all parents are welcome to join!
  El Marino Walking School Bus Map

Are You Ready to Walk 'n' Roll?

Walk 'n' Roll is a program of the El Marino PTA, in partnership with the Culver City Safe Routes to School (SRTS) initiative, with the goal to get families walking, biking, and scooting to school more and to reduce traffic and pollution around our school. Going strong in its 6th year, Walk 'n' Roll has become a treasured El Marino tradition.

Since El Marino is not a regular neighborhood school, the community lives at a wide range of distances and locations, but our aim is to have a variety of programs and incentives to help families Walk 'n' Roll, whether they live across the street from school or across town.

Walk 'n' Roll Wednesday

The centerpiece of our program is our Walk 'n' Roll Wednesday events, now in their sixth year. On the first Wednesday of each month during the school year, we meet to walk, bike, skate, and scoot together to school as a group.

Join us at one of two meet-up spots: the US Bank1 (Sawtelle/Sepuveda) or the Ballona Creek Bridge on Sawtelle. At both locations, we meet at 8am and start walking and rolling at 8:15. See the map below for these locations and the routes we follow.

Parents are encouraged to join in the fun, but are welcome to drop off their children at both spots (as at school, a parent should accompany Kinder and pre-K students). Please be aware, however, that, as in all activities, there is some risk involved. By dropping off your children to walk with the group, you acknowledge and assume such risk.

Walking to school does so much for our community, including reducing traffic, congestion and pollution while teaching our children healthy, active living, valuable safety practices and community awareness.

If that isn't enough, the class with the highest Walk 'n' Roll participation wins the Silver Sneaker Trophy, and all attendees are entered in a raffle for fabulous prizes!

Map of Walk 'n' Roll Wednesday locations and routes


1 Note: If you park at US Bank, please move your car by 9am, unless you have business at the bank. They have been gracious hosts to Walk 'n' Roll.


Take the 3 Block Challenge

Even if you usually drive to school, we encourage you to Take the 3 Block Challenge (a Culver City SRTS program), and park at least three blocks from school and walk, bike, skate or scoot the rest of the way. Parking just a few blocks away goes a long way towards reducing traffic and pollution around your school while adding some extra activity to your child’s day. The map below shows a number of options for parking locations and safe routes around El Marino. 

We encourage parents to take the 3 Block Challenge by parking and walking 3 blocks to school at least once a week. As a little extra incentive, we'll be having surprise "pop-up" Walk 'n' Roll days on a regular basis, giving extra chances in the monthly Walk 'n' Roll raffle drawing for all children meeting the challenge!


About Walk 'n' Roll Tags

As part of the Culver City SRTS program, El Marino Walk 'n' Rollers use the Active4.me system to track participation. Using this system, each student has a small tag with a bar code that Walk 'n' Roll parent volunteers can scan, which registers the student's participation for overall and class-by-class tallies and enters the student in our raffle drawing incentives.

It is important to note that the tags are anonymous, meaning that your child's identity is not stored in the system and cannot be determined from the number on the tag. We only register the tag with your child's class, so that we can compute class-by-class tallies and award the Silver Sneaker Trophy to the class with the highest participation each month.

Questions or concerns? Please contact Tom Murray (tom <dot> murray <at> elmarinopta <dot> org).

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