Welcome Back!

Dear Room 2 Parents,


         My name is Carmen Campos and I am your child’s Fourth Grade teacher.  I am looking forward to an exciting, fun school year and I believe that by all of us working together, this will also be a very successful year! 

I consider it of utmost importance that you be an active part of your child’s education, therefore open communication between parent, teacher, and student will be vital for your child’s overall success. Please contact me by writing a note, by sending me an email to carmencampos@ccusd.org or by calling the school at 310-842-4241 to leave a message. Unless it is a critical matter, please expect me to speak with you in Spanish during target language time (when the students are present), as I will be honoring a proper Immersion experience for everyone.

I expect an excellent classroom environment which promotes maximum learning.  My classroom rules are simple, yet encompass complex policies.  The standards are:  RESPECT, LISTEN, and LEARN.  As a class we have created a list of rules and posted these in the classroom. All students will be expected to follow and promote these expectations. I strongly believe that good behavior and hard work provide their own intrinsic rewards. Outstanding achievement is the best gift we can give ourselves and I find it important that my students reach that conclusion on their own.  As to "consequences":  Students who have difficulty complying with the rules will be given reminders, asked to write a letter to their parents, and/or asked to call their parents so that appropriate consequences can be arranged.

Our fourth grade curriculum is challenging and enriching at all levels. As most subjects are taught in the target language, it is important for students to be present at school everyday. If you child is absent, they will be expected to make up the homework and class work.  There are certain expectations of fourth grade students, they should know the times tables, they should be amenable to reading, and they should act responsibly on the school campus.   

In terms of homework, assignments will be given Monday through Thursday. Most nights there will be Math homework. English Language Arts Spelling Contracts will go home every Monday - these packets will be due the following Friday. It is up to the individual student to pace their work so as to complete the contract in a timely manner. Independent reading is essential for every student to improve not only their reading skills, but their writing and knowledge base as well. Please encourage your child to read a book, magazine, gaming guides, newspaper, graphic novel, comic book, or any other material of their own choosing on a daily basis.

         In closing, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read this letter.  I look forward to an exciting and rewarding school year with your extraordinary children.   



Carmen Campos