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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is a nationally sponsored PTA program. At El Marino, parents volunteer their time and resources, working closely with our school's teachers on readings, discussions and projects to further our mission of continually creating a Culture of Kindness. Throughout the year, El Marino teachers utilize a wide variety of tools to promote a caring and safe environment for our children. During Red Ribbon Week the entire school comes together with school-wide activities and lessons that focus on Showing Kindness and Respect in our community in addition to Bully Prevention.


Bully Prevention is a subject that El Marino takes seriously at all times. This site provides more information and resources for parents on the topic and how to support your children.

Bullying is defined as: repeated exposure, over time, to negative and intentional actions on the part of one or more students, characterized by an imbalance of power.
In the Student Handbook, the school's policy around bullying is described:
At El Marino we do not accept bullying as "a normal part of growing up" and have take a strong school-wide stance to reduce it. Our Bullying Prevention Program works with individual students, classrooms, families and the community to make our school safe and a welcoming learning environment for everyone. "At El Marino, Kindness Counts." If you believe your child is encountering bullying:
  • Listen carefully to your child's reports of being bullied and when it is occuring
  • If your child is unable or unwilling to report the bullying, contact your child's teacher
  • Hitting back is not a choice at school
  • Educate your child about bullying and bullies (resources are found on our website)
  • Do not blame the victim
  • Encourage the child to meet new peers
  • Teach your child to walk confidently
  • Practice ways to avoid being the victim
If you find that your child has been reported as the bully or the aggressor:
  • Listen to your child's version of the situation. Oftentimes, aggressive behavior results from that student's misperception of the social cues of his/her peers. Students who have been labeled as a "bully" may benefit from social skills development, with frequent and positive opportunities to practice desired behaviors. Please contact the school or your child's teacher for additional resources for addressing your child's bullying behavior.
Students have the right to learn without being called names or being threatened because of gender, race, religion, or physical or mental disabilities. Students should report harassment to their teacher or the adult supervising at the time the harassment occurred. Incidents will be investigated and appropriate action taken. Please advise the principal if you have any concern about how your child's complaint is being handled.
You can find out more information on the El Marino site Stop Bullying page.
Resources and Information for Parents:
  • The Anti-Defamation League site has information for families on bullying and what to do about it, including some resources in Spanish.
  • The Safe and Caring Schools site has resources on what to do if your child experiences, witnesses or perpetrates bullying behavior.
  • The Bully Bust site provides information on bullying, including ways to support your child to be an upstander.
  • The StopBullying.gov site provides information for parents on bullying, including its effects, and how to talk to your child about it as well as your school.
  • The PACER site provides information for parents on bullying and its impact, how to help our child and work with your school.
  • This Edutopia page has resources for parents on how to help your child at home and communicate well with your school.
  • Watch this video that defines bullying. As a caution, we do not recommend labeling children as bullies, but instead describe these actions as bullying behaviors.
  • Read this article on how to "empower your child against bullying."
  • This resource from the Anti Defamation League provides tools for families to discuss bullying and ways to counteract it.