El Marino Language School

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First Day of School Procedures

Students in grades 1 - 5:
At the 8:40 am bell, students will line up with their former class from the previous year and start the day with their previous teacher (or designated teacher).
Beginning 8:55 am, the teacher will send them off with a staff member or parent volunteer, who will escort them to their new classrooms.
Parents, please remain on the playground and keep the aisles clear and allow the students to go to their new classrooms first. After all classes have gone in, at that time please walk towards the new classrooms.
Incoming Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students and their families:
To allow a smooth transition, TK and K students will begin their day at 9:30 AM.
Parents, at 9:45 am please join me in the auditorium for a Kinder Parent Orientation.
Families in grades 1-5 who are new to our school: Please go first to our main office at 8:40 am to be greeted and escorted to their assigned rooms.
Reminder: Most every Wednesday is an Early Dismissal day for all students. Dismissal time is 1:45 pm (or 1:25 for TK). Please make appropriate arrangements starting this week.