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Mission & Goals

El Marino Language School Mission

The El Marino Language School staff and community are committed to the principle that all students can become bilingual and biliterate during the elementary school years, while participating in a balanced educational program which promotes academic, social, physical and psychological growth.  The school will foster and support creativity, inquiry, intrinsic rewards, individuality, self-discipline, a sense of personal worth, mutual respect, and an appreciation of different cultures.

El Marino Language School is pleased to offer a Dual Language Immersion Program.  Your child has an opportunity to participate in this meaningful experience, which serves English-speaking students of various backgrounds and students who speak the target language, either Japanese or Spanish.  The program is designed to place English-speaking and Spanish-speaking or Japanese-speaking students together in a classroom where both languages are valued and used for instruction. The Immersion Program begins in Kindergarten and expands one grade level per year through grade five.  In order to achieve the program goals, the program requires a long-term commitment of participation of six years. Program participants understand that this is an additive bilingual program, which requires that students master state standards in BOTH languages.


Students will gain:

          1. Language proficiency in both English and the target language, Spanish or Japanese
          2. Academic Achievement in both English and the target language
          3. Positive self-esteem, cultural awareness and sensitivity
Students will be provided:                      for both Spanish- or Japanese speaking and English-speaking students: 
  • Target and English language development  through communicative-based methods
  • Academic instruction in the target language through sheltered language techniques
  • Gradual introduction of formal English instruction through sheltered English language techniques
  • Development of positive self-image
  • Cross-cultural experiences