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Homework Policy


Homework assignments are a regular and vital part of your child’s education.  The types of assignments, their length and frequency, will depend on the age of the child and his/her particular needs and abilities.  Some homework is designed for parent participation, while other assignments are to be done independently by the child.  The teachers will inform you of the standards and expectations of each assignment.

If your child is absent, you may request homework by calling the school before 11:30 a.m.   After lunch, teachers may not have time to gather the assignments before 3:00 or may have a meeting after school.

The District’s homework policy states recommended amount of time for homework.  Generally, daily time spent on homework should be:

                        K             15 minutes

                        1st/2nd     15-20 minutes

                        3rd           30 minutes

                        4th/5th       60 minutes

In addition, a minimum of 20 minutes a night should be devoted to home reading, with a parent or independently, depending on the student’s age and reading skills.  In the upper grades, long term assignments such as reports are given, and students should allow time to complete the assignment by the due date.

We know that children learn and work at their own pace.  If your child is concentrating and focused, yet is spending significantly more than the recommended time each night on homework, please consult the teacher. On any given night you may stop your child after the appropriate time, and write a note to the teacher explaining the situation.

Homework assignments are held to the same standards as class work.  They should be accurate, complete, and neat.  Parents should inspect the work before the child turns it in. Your signature on the page assures the teacher that you are aware of the work your child has done.