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School Rules & Expectations

El Marino Language School

Student Expectations


1.     Follow directions promptly.

2.     Respect fellow students, school personnel and property. 

·             Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

·             Keep objects to yourself.

3.     Use courteous and appropriate language.

4.     Play only on the playground and field area; walk quietly in all other areas.

5.     Keep inappropriate items at home, for example:

·               Candy, gum and soda

·               Real or toy weapons [guns, knives, etc.]

·               Toys, balls and trading cards*

·               Electronic games or devices*


*Students enrolled in after-school child care may bring these items ONLY ON FRIDAY SHARE DAYS.  Items must remain inside the backpack during regular school hours.  Other students may not bring these items at any time.


Students who meet these expectations create a community where everyone can learn and be safe.  Teachers acknowledge students’ positive behavior in the classroom.  Individual students are honored at schoolwide assemblies.


Students who choose not to comply with these expectations will be counseled by the adult who observes the behavior.  Depending on the circumstances, other consequences may be applied.  In some cases, students will be sent to the administrator with a discipline referral. 


Each teacher will inform parents of the specific rules for the classroom.  The Physical Education staff, classroom teachers and noon supervisors will explain the specific rules for outdoor play.  Students are expected to follow directions given by any staff member.