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School Site Council (SSC)
The School Site Council is the school governance body, which allocates supplemental school funds. The Council is responsible for developing the school plan and for allocating funds in ways that further the goals articulated in the plan. The Council reviews the school instructional program and analyzes test data. Supplemental state funds pay for teacher attendance at professional conferences, translations, supplementary materials, parent education, and the salaries of instructional aides who work with students who need extra help.
The Council consists of the principal, elected teacher representatives, elected parent representatives and an elected representative from the non-teaching staff. However, all parents are welcome to attend the meetings. The School Site Council is not a fundraising organization.
The 2014-2015 Members of the SSC are as follows:
  • Kelly Cohen, parent representative 
  • Sara Dean, parent representative  
  • Chi- Chi Tse, parent representative
  • Hiromi Masunaga, parent representative
  • Terrie Norris, parent representative
  • Noriko Nagumo, teacher representative
  • Carmen Campos, teacher representative
  • Mina Shiratori, teacher representative
  • Linda Germain, staff representative
  • Tracy Pumilia, principal