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Special Needs Committee


Do you have a special needs child and seek the support of like-minded parents? Do you worry about your child’s emotional, social, or cognitive development and want to talk to other parents about your concerns? Do you want to help the district move toward a more inclusive educational model where ALL students benefit? El Marino’s Special Needs Committee was created in 2017 to help in all of these areas. CCUSD is committed to success for ALL students and the Special Needs Committee is here to provide assistance to families of non-typical students.

El Marino is a fully inclusive school where students that have special needs spend most or all of their day in their general education classrooms. We are lucky to have a school and PTA that celebrates all kinds of diversity. All classrooms participate in a weekly social/emotional curriculum called Second Step. Red Ribbon Week at El Marino focuses on anti-bullying and creating a culture of kindness and inclusion. Additionally all classrooms receive 4 weekly, age-appropriate anti-bullying lessons that address the importance of including special needs students within the anti-bullying lessons. El Marino’s Special Needs Committee uses its budget each year to purchase books that have characters that can teach students about kids that have special needs. These books are placed in the library in a bin available to everyone. There are books about dyslexia, autism, ADHD, slow processing speed, dyscalculia, diabetes, deafness, blindness, physical disabilities, and sensory processing disorder. The special needs library will grow each year. Literature can be an effective way of teaching students about differences and the importance of being kind and inclusive.

Navigating the special education system can be challenging and the special needs committee is here to help you. While your first point of contact should be your child’s teacher, please feel free contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding navigating the special education system. Please also let us know if you would like to get connected to other Culver City special needs families. There are some amazing and supportive special needs families throughout the district.

An important job of the Special Needs Committee chair is to work with the district on CCUSD’s Special Needs Advisory Committee. The chair works with representatives from all CCUSD schools as well as district staff and board members to try and make positive changes in CCUSD’s special education systems. We are a dynamic group  that are working hard for the benefit of ALL CCUSD students.

If you would like to get connected to Culver City’s special needs families or if you would like more information, please contact us.

Kelly Hatfield