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EMPTA Encyclopedia

On-campus organizations that support our school

Advocates for Language Learning at El Marino (ALLEM) Advocates for Language Learning El Marino are a group unique to our school. They raise funds to provide a target language speaking  adjunct into every classroom. They do this through their pledge drive, community night fundraisers and after school cultural classes. They also sponsor cultural events throughout the school year in order to further enrich student’s language immersion experiences. Meetings are bi-monthly; all are welcome to attend. 

English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) The English Learner Advisory Committee advises the principal and staff about programs and services for students learning English. Parents of students learning English have the right to elect the members of the committee. Meetings are conducted in English, Spanish and Japanese. ELAC is not a fund raising organization. All parents are welcome to attend. 

El Marino Parent Teacher Association (EMPTA) The PTA at El Marino is a unit belonging to the California PTA whose overall goal is to "positively impact the lives of all children and families." Anyone can join the PTA. We encourage all students, parents, extended family members, and community members to join. Becoming a member DOES NOT mean that you have to attend meetings or are obligated to volunteer. Becoming a member DOES mean that our students will have further access to valuable enrichment and programs that add to the overall fulfilling experience at El Marino Language School. All parents are welcome to attend. 

School Site Council (SSC) The School Site Council is the school governance body, which allocates supplemental school funds. The Council is responsible for developing the school plan and for allocating funds in ways that further the goals articulated in the plan. The Council reviews the school instructional program and analyzes test data. Supplemental state funds pay for teacher attendance at professional conferences, translations, supplementary materials, parent education, and the salaries of instructional aides who work with students who need extra help. 

The Council consists of the principal, elected teacher representatives, elected parent representatives and an elected representative from the non-teaching staff. However, all parents are welcome to attend the meetings. The School Site Council is not a fundraising organization. All parents are welcome to attend.


A- Z Volunteer Opportunities

(If interested, contact adrienne.snow@elmarinopta.org)


Backpacks for Kids 

Here in the Culver City Unified School District you will find that, “success for all takes us all!” The Backpack Program was designed to fill a desperate need for our school children and families at all CCUSD schools that might not have enough to eat over the weekend. Sponsored by the Culver City Council of PTA’s, each school site is in charge of providing one part of a balanced diet for meals that go home to needy families in an unmarked backpack on Friday afternoon. This program requires delivery of our school’s food contribution to the middle school, and returning to El Marino with filled backpacks. It’s an easy and highly rewarding commitment. Drive-up and drop off and/or pickup.  


Black History Month 

Each February we celebrate Black History Month. Here at El Marino, we use this time to honor the contributions of black women and men, past and present. Opportunities include decorating the foyer; reading books in the classroom with students; new ideas welcome!


Clean Air Committee 

Clean Air El Marino is a group of parents and teachers who are dedicated to improving the air quality the children, teachers, and staff breathe at our school. The group has spearheaded many efforts to reduce pollution on campus including regular dusting of classrooms, planting native plants, air filtration system, no idling, community education, and research. Visit their website at www.cleanairem.org


Crazy Hat Bingo (ALLEM - all proceeds raised support the adjuncts)

Just as you would imagine! Bring your crazy hat and play a few rounds of bingo!! Fun family event. Help is always welcome. 


Bake Sale Committee If you can make change for a dollar then this is the place for you! Bake Sales are the foundation for many PTA’s and ours is no exception. There is no need for you to supply all of the baked goods, but we could use your help staffing the sales table because it’s always a very busy place! Each Bake Sale benefits a different campus organization: ALLEM, JEX and/ or MEX. 


Book Fair Committee If you love everything about books and want others to share your enthusiasm, then the Book Fair is the place for you. We run our Book Fair twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. We need an army of parent volunteers to help kids write down wish lists of books they might like to buy and operate the cash register. No experience necessary, we’ll train you! Everyone looks forward to the Book Fair!


Kinder Welcome Program Want to help welcome new families at El Marino? The El Marino Kinder Welcome Committee would like to help make their transition a little easier.  The goal of the program is to give families a connection to El Marino, and for Families to help navigate the changes involved with starting at a new school.


Career Day 

El Marino PTA is interested in organizing a Career Day for all students. To be able to provide opportunities for students to meet and ask questions of parents, or others in the community from all the variety of career opportunities. We also seek presenters that could speak in the target language, as they could also share the opportunities of being bilingual or multilingual in any particular career.


Drop Zone Committee Running late? Use the Drop Zone! The Drop Zone is located at the intersection of Coolidge and Diller Avenues. Dedicated volunteers are there daily to assist children in grades 1-5 safely out of your car and directly onto the school grounds. With our system, we can unload 6 cars at a time so parents can quickly and safely exit the area. Many of us would be late without them! Come join our team, it’s so easy! 


Earth Week 

In need of a committee chair for this event. Ideas are welcomed! This event can coincide with Science week as they will overlap. 


El Marino PTA Outreach Committee aka "EMC2"

(El Marino Community Cares) hosts various drives throughout the school year. We also provide opportunities for students to create cards or postcards during lunch time for different purposes, i.e., Veterans, CCPD, etc.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee is dedicated to influencing positive and equitable educational experiences for students at El Marino. Our goal is to create experiences and hopefully shape policy which supports the emotional health and development of students who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and other underrepresented populations as they strive to navigate the surrounding school community. As an immersion school with two target languages, our population consists of students whose households encompass two or more cultures often within southern California, the United States, or across the globe, bringing a unique mixture of cultural experiences to our campus. With these experiences we hope to enlighten the school community to issues which influence the schools efforts towards creating a more unified campus, district, and city while we celebrate the beauty of the diversity we all bring. Please see our section listed on the right for more information.


Glitter Ball (all proceeds raised support the adjuncts)

The biggest, glow, dance party of the year. The Glitter Ball is the ultimate family party at El Marino! So much fun for the kids. 3 chairs needed for this event, many volunteers are helpful for the night of, but you will be there anyway dancing! Planning begins mid January. 


Fall Donation Drive

If you are looking for a one time volunteer commitment, this is the one for you! Help fundraise at the start of school.


Green 5 Committee The Green5 program is an initiative of the Environmental Sustainability Committee that is part of all CCUSD schools. This program has been instrumental in getting rid of styrofoam lunch trays, getting hydration stations installed, getting solar at the HS/MS, improving recycling on campuses, and implementing composting on campuses. There is still a lot more that can be done. Please join the GREEN 5 Committee and help bring about even more environmentally sustainable changes through CCUSD.This committee is in need of a committee chair! 


Growing Great Committee Do you love to teach? Do you love to garden? Inspiring children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits is what the Growing Great program is all about. In the program, children learn where our food comes from, appreciate that food serves a purpose in our overall health and has an impact on our longevity and well-being. We are looking for long term energetic and enthusiastic parents who share our passion for this wonderful program. 


Fall Festival Committee (postponed)

Do you absolutely love Halloween and all things Autumn? If so, come join the committee in preparing for one of our most thrilling events of the year. Help transform our playground area into a family carnival that all enjoy, be a part of the fast action at the pumpkin derby competition, or organize some creepy treats to eat. We need many hands to help run this highly fun and successful event! 


Hospitality Committee

Our Hospitality Team might have the most fun on campus since they get to plan all of the parties! If you love to use your creativity to entertain, then they could use your help. Duties might include set up, decorating, food tasting, and the humble acceptance of applause for a wonderful party. 


Jogathon This is one of our most fun and most successful fundraisers for the PTA! Come help cheer on the students as they run to earn money for our school. Volunteer duties include assembling the event instruction handouts, handing out water, tallying #’s of laps run, and collecting money. 


Movie Night 

PTA will host a family movie night, outside on the turf! If you are interested in helping the committee make this event a fun experience for all El Marino Families please make sure you reach out to the committee chairs. 


“Engaged Families are the key to successful students.” Our goal is to provide critical real time tools or solutions (albeit virtually) to help families resolve the tensions experienced with entering a new school environment to adjusting to sudden changes in our micro and macro environments. Visit our webpage to learn more.

Popsicle Committee

Are you looking for an easy way to help that requires very little time? Popsicle sales are the perfect fit for you! Enjoy seeing smiles all around from happy kids and adults. Who doesn’t love a popsicle? 


Red Ribbon Week

During Red Ribbon Week at El Marino this committee provides classroom activities and an assembly to help educate our students and our parents about healthy choices. Related events help us all demonstrate how the El Marino Family cares for each other and for our community. 


Science Committee Are you an engineer, chemist, physicist, astronomer, geologist, paleontologist, marine biologist, botanist, tinkerer, or home scientist? Our students would love to talk to you and see what you do! As a volunteer you could help organize or arrange for presenters and set up pre-assembled small experiments for our wildly popular Science Fair. Your interest today may inspire future scientists tomorrow!


Silent Auction (ALLEM - all proceeds raised support the adjuncts)

This takes place typically on Open House night. This is a big event that can be subdivided and needs lots of help. Starts up mid October.


Spirit Wear Committee

Get some school spirit and join our Spiritwear Team. Easily one of the most popular tables at our events, no one can resist our stylish school apparel. Sign up to help with sales at an event! 


Theater Committee

Last year, Maestra Selva applied for a PTA teacher grant and, with PTA coordinators and volunteer teachers produced the first ever El Marino school musical. It was such a beautiful production and we learned a lot (a few more volunteers are needed at rehearsals to manage our fledgling thespians). 


Walk ‘N’ Roll Committee 

We participate in CCUSD Safe Routes to School program, committing one Friday morning a month to get our kids, parents, and staff walking, biking, or scooting to school. Our own CC Police help make the route safe. We would love for you to join our safety team to help lead our kids to school. Groups leave from two locations, the US Bank building at Sepulveda and Sawtelle and the La Ballona Bridge near the bike path at Sawtelle and Culver Drive. The classroom with the most participation wins the Silver Sneaker Award! 


Yearbook Committee 

Yearbook is an all year round project. Generally it is due at the end of March or a week before the Spring break. Therefore, January to March is the busiest time for the Yearbook Committee.The printed books will arrive the Friday before the last week of school. On that Monday morning of last week of school, the yearbook staff will get together and sort and deliver the books to each classroom to the students. Then we sell the remaining books at the cactus garden every day of that week. We have several projects that come together to make this book so there are many opportunities for volunteering.