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Special Education Committee

Welcome to El Marino PTA Special Education Committee!

Our goal is to create a community where parents can ask questions, share their
experiences and support one another throughout your childrens’ school experience.
Navigating the Special Education system can be challenging. When you first note that
your child may benefit from Special Education services, there are many legal terms,
paperworks and meetings, and you may feel at a loss as to where to even get started.
You may notice some behavioral changes in your child, but you may not know who to
reach out to so that you can ensure your child’s social and emotional health are in good

CCUSD and El Marino practice an inclusion model, where students with and without
learning differences all spend all or most of their day in the general education
classrooms. Inclusion model ensures to provide support for all students, design high
expectations for all students with diverse learning styles, and provides meaningful
instructional environments within an atmosphere of compassion and belonging.
Throughout the year, there are events and initiatives taking place both at school and
district level that celebrate diversity and inclusion. In October, we collaborated with our
school librarian and organized a disability awareness read-alouds. Parent volunteers
came to the library during individual class’s library time and read books pertaining to a
variety of disabilities. We have had weekend playdates with El Marino SpEd community
as well as get togethers and playdates with other CCUSD schools.

We hope to be the bridge between you and the parents from El Marino and from
CCUSD so that you are well informed and feel supported. Please feel free to reach out
to us if you have any questions.


Alejandra Bravo, [email protected]
Callie Lions, [email protected]
Chisato Komatsu, [email protected]